Park services

Additional information and services at Walibi Belgium

Practical information to guide you even before your arrival at the park.

Wheel Chairs

The park and its installations are accessible to wheel chairs. They are available at the check-in area. Given that the number of wheel chairs is limited, we recommend that you reserve. Rental is 5€.

Baby Areas

Areas for babies are provided for in certain rest rooms where mothers can feed and change their little ones.

First Aid

Visitors can be treated rapidly and efficiently in the infirmary. The facility is also a place where mothers can change their babies as in the areas reserved for babies.


If you don’t want to be bothered by your bags all day long, you can find lockers at the check-in area. Wheel chairs, disposable cameras, sun glasses, are available in this store.

Cameras and films

Disposable cameras and films are on sale at the check-¬in area.


In the boutiques, visitors will find a number of nice souvenirs to take home with them from Walibi Belgium.

Lost Children

Lost Children are taken immediately to the information desk situated at the entrance to the park. Suggestion to parents: remember to leave your phone rumber and address with your child to avoid unnecessary scares.

Lost and Found

Any lost object should be declared at the information desk. Items found in the park are taken to the information desk and kept until the owner claims them. Identified objects remain at the information desk for 7 calendar days. Restitution of said objects can be transacted by mail at the expense of the owner.

Persons with limited mobility

To obtain priority access to various attractions in the park, we recommend that you address the information desk.


For security reasons, some attractions are formally advised against for mothers-to- be. To avoid being refused access to them, we strongly recommend that you consult the person in charge of the attraction.