Questions and answers

Do motorcycles and mobile homes pay for parking?

Yes, only buses transporting groups park free of charge.

Can mobile homes spend the night in the parking lot of the park?

No, we do not offer the facilities necessary for camping.

Do you furnish food to dogs in the kennel?

We do not furnish food, but each cage is equipped with a pan of water. You can, however, walk or feed your dog as you wish.

What is the minimum age to profit from the park?

From 2 years and up a child can profit from the agreeable atmosphere of the park and from attractions for younger children such as the Walibi Folies.

What is the minimum height necessary to be allowed access to various attractions?

The minimum height for attractions reserved for the smallest youngsters varies from 80cm/ 90cm and 100cm.

Are there provisions for cooling off babies in the park and/or warming up bottles or food?

Changing tables are located in some rest rooms and several micro-wa ves are available in some restaurants: Tropica, Sergio’s and Rocky’s Grill.

Are there bungalows near the park?

No, but you will find information concerning hotels and campîng areas by clicking here.

When is Aqualibi open?

The schedule for Aqualibi is given in the section related to Aqualibi.

Is there a season pass for Aqualibi?

Yes, the Golden Pass, which also allows access to Walibi Belgium when it is open.

Can we visit the park on roller blades?

No, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, scooters and bicycles are not allowed in the park.

Where do I get a Golden Pass and a Family Golden pass?

Only at ticket windows at Walibi Belgium and at Aqualibi.

Once in the park, can we leave and come back in?

Yes, you can leave the park; a stamp will be put on your hand to allow you to come back in on the same day.

Is parking included in my Walibi Pass?

No, 8€ is charged for parking a vehicule. It is, however, possible to buy a parking pass for 20€.

Are seeing-eye dogs and other dogs for the handicapped allowed in the park?

Yes, but only if the information desk is informed prior to your visit.

Is there a dress code in the park?

Yes, for reasons of hygiene and security, wearing shoes and a T-shirt is obligatory for adults and children.

Is it possible to carry bags on all the rides?

No, on some rides bags are not permitted because they could be dangerous if they fell. However, leaving personal objects unattended on the walks is strongly advised against due to the obvious risk of loss or theft. Lockers can be rented at the entrance to the park.